• Take a Deep Breath

    Air is the World's First Fully-Encrypted Online Payment System

  • The Problem

    2-5% of every Credit or Debit payment is wasted in fees.


    Card Payment wasn't designed for an Online World.

    Air is Direct Payment

    Air Connects Businesses and Customers directly.


    Businesses get huge savings

    Customers get cash back

    Protect Yourself

    There are over 2 stolen cards for every adult in the U.S.


    Air has no card numbers to steal.

    Huge Savings

    Air can double or triple a businesses's net profit by cutting out expensive fees.

    You Already have an Account

    There is no sign up required with Air.


    Customers join automatically through the places they already shop online.

    How do you Make your Mark?

    With Air, every transaction matters. Support your favorite businesses, and get cash back.


    Join Air Payments and make a difference.

    Better Tech = Better World

    Air is a fundamental improvement to how we do business. See how a world using Air helps everyone:

  • Why use Air?

    We can do things no one else can.


    End-to-End Encryption

    Air is the only fully encrypted payment system in the world, relying on no third parties, apps, cards, or other vulnerable middle men services.


    50-80% Savings

    Because Air is Peer to Peer, Businesses save 50-80% per transaction.

    Customers pay no fees, even for microtransactions.

    Big Data

    Your Data, Safe and Secure

    Air doesn't just encrypt payment, we encrypt Order, Shipping, and User information too. This is all stored on the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime.

    Cash Back

    1-4% On Every Transaction

    Using Air online gives you cash back at your favorite businesses, without credit score approval or hidden fees.

    Anywhere, Anyone

    Air is accepted Everywhere​

    Air is the first online Wallet that lets you pay to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are on our network.

    Online Funds Storage

    The Safest Place for your Money

    Store funds online extremely safely, on our distributed network, and manage your account like an online bank.

  • Air is a Disruptive Technology

    Air uses Distributed Encryption, a fundamental improvement to how data is encrypted.

    Direct Payment

    Air replaces middle men with a direct, distributed encrypted protocol.


    By securing payment through distributed encryption, Air reduces counterparty risk.


    This is why we are 50-80% more efficient than Visa or Paypal.

    Above The Rest


    All card-based payment is stuck to the Interchange Limit of 1.95% fees or higher.


    Air is disruptive, replacing interchange with Distributed Encryption.


    We offer full service payment at 50-80% savings, for any business.


    We offer more data flexibility, end-to-end encryption, secure cloud funds storage, and more, all without requiring new machines or card risk.


    Air is Online Payment for an Online World, without any compromises.

  • How to Save The World

    Here is how much major Chicago businesses would save by adopting Air.