How to find a free hotel room in Japan

The cost of a hotel room has gone down for Japanese people, but the cost of staying in a hotel can be quite steep.

The cost of lodging in Japan has fallen by more than 30 percent in the past three years, according to a survey by the Tokyo metropolitan government.

That’s the equivalent of about a month’s salary for a household in the United States.

And, while the survey also found that the average cost of accommodation in Japan is lower than it was in the 1990s, the difference is still noticeable.

The survey found that for a hotel stay, a room in the cheapest one cost around $150, while in the priciest one, it cost around about $350.

So, for a family of four, staying in the most expensive hotel room cost about $12,000.

The average cost for a single room in a hostel room has dropped to $1,300, while for a double room, the average price dropped to around $2,400.

For the first time, the cost for single rooms is less than double that of double rooms.

It’s still more expensive than staying in an apartment, where the average rate is around $1.4 million per year.

For the second year in a row, Japan saw a decline in the number of hotel rooms available to the public.

However, the decline is only about 20 percent, and that is partly due to an increase in the availability of luxury hotel rooms in Tokyo, which is currently dominated by the Hyatt brand.

However, hotel room reservations remain a huge problem for Japanese citizens.

With an average of 2.4 percent of the population in the country renting out rooms, Japan’s public-sector rent is the highest in the world.

That means that nearly half of the country is stuck with a shortage of room for the rest of the year.

The country has been facing increasing competition from more developed nations in terms of quality and service.

The trend has led to a shortage in hotel rooms, as well as a high number of rooms available for free.

There are now more than 10 million hotel rooms for people who don’t need them.

It is estimated that more than a third of the hotels in the Tokyo area are unoccupied.

To solve the shortage of rooms, hotel companies have been looking for ways to make the cost go down.

One way is to offer a more affordable rate for guests who want to stay in a room, but it comes at a price.

In addition, the government has been working on an incentive program to encourage people to stay longer.

Currently, Japanese people can stay in the city for up to three months if they have the right documents and a place to stay, as long as they are staying with a family member.

This program will be extended to people who are not eligible for the program.

The program is set to be extended for another two years, and the government is also trying to increase the number and size of rooms that are available.

This is an incentive for people to live longer, as it will also make the number available for booking.

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