3d payment payment system for the Palestinian Authority, with a focus on the Palestinians

3dPay, a new payment system developed by Israeli company 3DPay, is an open source application designed to be able to handle all types of payments, from debit cards to bank wire transfers.

 The startup’s team of 20 developers has been working for several months to develop the new payment platform, which was first released on Github in April.

The 3Dpay team includes a number of Palestinian artists, musicians, and musicians who are passionate about their art.

The team also includes a former Palestinian Authority minister, who has worked as a consultant for the Israeli government.

“We want to create an open platform for Palestinian artists to use,” said Oren Ziv, one of the developers of 3dpay.

“We hope it will be used by other Palestinian artists and musicians.”

The 3dpayment payment system allows for the transfer of money from one Palestinian bank account to another through a simple process.

When a user creates an account, they will be asked to choose the type of payment that they want to make.

The system then displays a QR code that users can scan, allowing them to select a payment method and then the payment method will be displayed.

3dplayground 3DPlayground is a 3D software tool that lets users create 3D models of 3D objects.

It is an application that is designed to let 3D artists to create 3d models of objects, including models for buildings and other objects, and even building parts.

It allows the user to create the models in real-time, with an option to rotate the model at will, as well as scale the models to fit different screens.

3dplaygrounds 3dPlayground has been developed by 3DWorkshops, a company based in Israel that was founded in 2015 by Yossi Gafni and David Mihaly.

Gafnei, who is an Israeli-Israeli engineer who also works as a programmer at 3D studios like 2D Studio Max, is responsible for the application’s development.

Gefni has been actively involved in the development of 3DPaint, the open source 3D paint software, for years.

He was also a key player in the creation of 3DFatcher, which is a free 3D photo viewer that was developed for the OpenStreetMap community.

Gaffni, who lives in Tel Aviv, has also developed a number other software applications.

3Dplaygrounds is the first open source tool designed to work with 3D printers.

It’s called a 3d printer printer modeler, but its features are much more extensive than those of the more popular 3d printers.

Gafni is also involved in a project called The 3DPrint Project, a collaboration between the Israeli Electronic Arts and the Israel Electronic Media Institute.

The project is based on a vision to make open source hardware, including 3D printer models, more accessible for the public.

3DPprint 3DP printer models for sale.

As 3DPplaygrounds has been released, it has received a lot of attention.

While there is a lot that 3D printing companies are still doing well, the developers are focusing on 3Dprint.com.

3DFatch and 3DPatch.org are two of the most popular websites that provide 3D print services. 

3DPrint.com 3DFatching.com is a popular online service for purchasing and selling 3D model kits.

It also allows users to add 3D prints to their homes and offices.

The service offers users the option to add prints to the 3D playground, or the home or office of the user.

There are also a number 3D modeling software applications that allow users to create models, such as a modeling program called Gimp.

3DDatch and GIMP are free 3d modeling programs for free.

3DBatch is an online modeling tool for free that allows users the ability to model in-house.

An open source version of 3DDATCH and GIMEP can be downloaded here.

3DSprite, the 3d printing software from 3DPartist, also allows the creation and editing of 3DS models for free using the open-source software.

Users can also add models to the home of the artist and edit them as desired.

A 3D rendering of a 3DS print.

Another open source, free 3dsprite modeler called 3D PrinterMaker allows the creator to create, edit, and sell 3D renders of printed models.

3dsprintmaker 3DSprintmaker is a modeling software for free 3DP prints.

3dfatch and the 3DFatches website allow users the same functionality.

3DMatch, the popular free 3DM printing software for 3DP printers, allows the use of 3DM files to print 3D files.

Open source 3d modeler Gimp is also available to

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