What we know about Disney’s deal with PayPal, Amazon’s deal to buy Whole Foods and more

What we do know about the Disney/Amazon deal is that the two companies will be buying more than 50 percent of each other’s business.

The two companies plan to work together to make it easier for consumers to buy their groceries and other goods online.

The deal will give them more control over how their customers shop, but also gives them a more powerful incentive to push online shopping.

Disney will be paying $2.25 billion in cash, with Amazon paying $3.8 billion, a $1 billion buyback of shares in the parent company.

The transaction will create one of the biggest acquisitions in history.

Disney will get $2 billion of Disney stock, while Amazon will get a $400 million buyback.

That will create a combined $30 billion in new Disney stock.

It will also create a massive stock-based compensation package that is almost certainly going to be a top priority for CEO Bob Iger, who took over the company in December.

The stock price is up about 40 percent over the past year, with Disney up nearly 70 percent.

Disney’s stock is up more than 20 percent over this time last year.

Amazon will get roughly $7 billion in stock in the deal, a total that includes $4.5 billion in buybacks of Disney’s stock.

That gives Amazon the ability to pay dividends on the company’s stock, which is important to Iger because Disney is one of Amazon’s largest customers.

Disney and Amazon will also be able to merge their business, which means the combined company will be able buy up to 20 percent of Amazon, with Iger.

The combined company could theoretically take advantage of a merger in which a company acquires another company.

In this scenario, Amazon would get control of its own distribution channels, while Disney would get the distribution channel rights for Disney’s channels.

This could allow Disney to get the same kind of direct-to-consumer video-on-demand service as Netflix.

Disney has said that its goal is to bring Amazon’s distribution networks into the Disney shopping experience.

That’s an idea that’s been talked about before, and Iger said during the earnings call on Monday that he thinks that the combined companies would be able achieve that.

Disney and Amazon have been working to improve the logistics and logistics technology that makes it easier to make grocery shopping more convenient.

The companies have also been working together to improve their logistics technology to make ordering faster and easier, especially online.

Disney also wants to bring its delivery services to Amazon’s cloud computing platform, which will be easier for Amazon to use.

The Disney-Amazon deal has a long way to go before it can be completed.

The $2 trillion transaction needs to be approved by regulators, and there will likely be more regulatory hurdles before it’s approved.

But the deal is already giving Iger plenty of confidence about the future of his company.

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