Which of the top three major payment networks is the most reliable?

POLITICO’s J.J. Patterson, John Wagner, and Sam Khan examine which of the biggest payment networks are the most trusted, most reliable, and best at managing their customers’ payments.

The answers come from three sources — ParagonPay, E-commerce Payments, and Equifax Payment Systems — and they cover both retail and wholesale, with consumer payments including debit, credit, and prepaid.

Read the full report:Read more: The paragon payments system, which operates in more than 80 countries, is trusted by more than 5 million people each day, according to its annual audit.

Paragon has received more than $5 billion in payments since 2014, and the firm’s payment systems are used by retailers including Walmart, Target, Macy’s, TargetExpress, Best Buy, and Staples.

E-Commerce Payments, meanwhile, has over 2 million customers.

The payments firm says it is trusted with more than a billion payments made every day, and it’s used by nearly 70 percent of U.S. retailers.

“Paragon is the leader in the industry and is one of the best providers of solutions for retailers in the United States,” the firm says on its website.

“E-commerce payments is a leader in payment services in the U.K. and Europe.”

Read more about Paragon:ParagonPayThe biggest and most trusted payment networksParagon, a global payments provider, was founded in 2014 by Paragon CEO Dan Kline and has grown to more than 70,000 customers worldwide.

Paragons products include credit cards, credit cards with cash value, debit cards with debit value, and mobile payments, including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal.

EZPay, a payment processor with more 100,000 employees, also serves a wide range of retailers.

The company’s customers include Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Target and Staples, according, with the most notable being Costco.

Ecommerce Payments is the second-largest provider of retail payments in the world, according the company’s annual audit, with more people using E-Payments than any other payments provider.

Ecommerce Payments has more than 25,000 retail and ecommerce customers and provides more than 30,000 products, services, and solutions, according.

ParityPay, another payment processor in the business, is in second place with 12,000 Retail customers.

Parities customers include Walmart, Kohl’s, Staples, Target Express, and Sears.

EquifaxPay, an ecommerce payment processor, is a third-place payment processor.

Equifax has more retail customers than any others in the field, according its annual report.

Equities customers includes Walmart, Costco, Target or Staples, with most of the largest customers coming from the retail sector.

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