Why are these loan deals so bad for footballers?

Football players are increasingly struggling to get their money back after they were loaned out by their clubs.

The latest case comes from Italy where two Juventus players were given loan deals from the club.

One of the players, Sergio Barzagli, was sold to Palermo for €8m but the other, Andrea Pirlo, was loaned back to the Rossoneri.

Barzaglli is still not back at the club and Pirlos is currently on loan at Fiorentina.

The Serie A side were able to secure the players’ return by selling them to Juventus for €15m in the summer of 2018.

Pirloa had an option to stay with Juventus, but decided to return to Palo.

His deal was worth €8.7m and he is still yet to earn any money from the deal.

He signed a new one with Palerma in 2021 for €2.7 million.

The players are now out of the equation.

It is the latest example of how transfer fees and wages are spiralling out of control in the game.

Football clubs are now paying players like Pirlow, Barzaglia and Piqué, who are already struggling financially, even more.

The transfer market is so saturated that the price of a player’s signature is only half of his wage.

The other half of the fee is the wages of the player and the player’s agent.

That money can only be spent if the player is going to play for the club he joined.

But there is no guarantee that a player will actually be paid the right amount for his services.

In the case of Pirlós, his agent, Luca Di Stefano, did not even know about the loan deal.

His agent told us that Pirlows wages were paid as part of his contract, but there is absolutely no guarantee to get the correct amount for Pirlolos work.

If he does not receive a proper sum, he can not even leave the club because his contract is only for two years.

So Pirlosi can not play football anymore.

The fact that he is in the situation of a club paying him less than the amount that he was offered means that the players do not have any hope of getting their money.

Juventus have also sold Pirla to Roma, where his wages are set at €15.5m.

It has been reported that the player has already lost his job because of the loan.

Juventus could have used that money to pay him what he was paid last season.

It’s no wonder that Pizzarini, the Italian president, is now demanding that Juventus release the loan agreement that allowed the transfer.

The loan agreement had been set at the start of this season and Pizzaro did not receive the amount of money that he agreed to.

In Italy, transfers like this are supposed to be approved by the clubs’ sporting directors and it is not a coincidence that Di Stefane is demanding that the club pay up.

There is no doubt that the transfer market in Italy is flooded with players.

This is why footballers are often offered loan deals when they sign their first contracts, so that they can be used in the future.

However, there is a difference between that and loans.

Lenders will never give their players the chance to play regularly in Serie A. The player must sign a contract with the club that he joined to receive his wages.

If the player does not accept the deal, the loan will be terminated.

In fact, the most important aspect of a loan deal is that the loan is only temporary.

Players will be able to get used to the conditions and conditions of the club after a short period of time.

They will have the chance of playing in the first team.

In that case, the player will get the right to use his wage on the club, but that will only last for a few years.

The problem is that most loan deals are not based on the conditions of players’ contracts, but on the salary of the signing parties.

The terms of the deal will only be the most basic conditions that are agreed upon at the beginning of the transfer agreement.

It was only after the players are given a chance to show that they are really ready to play that they will be allowed to use their wages.

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