How to deal with dodgy pay systems

The RTE team will be examining how pay systems are managed in Ireland to help consumers avoid bad ones, and will look at the different ways companies handle refunds.

The RTP said the new system would be available to consumers from July 1, but that it would be subject to a number of conditions.

The aim is to provide a more robust and effective payment system in Ireland, it said.

Consumers can contact the National Payments Council on 020 6289 4141 for more information.

The National Payments and Payments Intelligence Unit will also examine how payment systems are set up and operated in Ireland.

It will work with other RTP and government agencies and the public to understand the various payment systems and their systems, and help consumers manage their payment settings.

The unit is currently focused on issues related to the use of prepaid cards in the Republic.

Online payments were also on the radar.

In February, RTE revealed that its online payments service was experiencing delays.

A spokesman said the company was currently “working on a number” of issues, including a lack of technical support for its platform.

RTE said it is also working with a range of stakeholders to make sure the online payment system is “secure, easy to use and compliant”.

It is also helping customers manage their payments in a “more secure and convenient manner”.

RTP also said it will be developing a system to identify payment systems that have failed to provide accurate or timely payments to customers.

The system will also provide a “step-by-step guide” for consumers to manage their accounts and ensure they are “safe and sound”.

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