What are Visa and Mastercard payment systems?

A growing number of countries are turning to chip-and-PIN payment systems to make their transactions more secure.

Now, a new report suggests that some of the biggest international banks are using chip- and PIN systems as well.

The report, based on internal internal banking and payment data, said that Visa, Mastercard and others use chip-based systems in their payments systems.

But the data doesn’t include data from the payments systems themselves, the report said.

The study says the chip-chip payment system has been the dominant option for payments in Europe for years.

That has led to widespread adoption in some countries.

The chip-card payment system in use in some European countries, including Germany, France, and Italy, is also known as NFC (near field communication) and is more secure than traditional card payments.

But the report says the lack of data about the chip and chip-enabled systems means it’s impossible to fully assess the security of the system.

The United States is using chip cards in some of its payment systems and has been using chip technology since at least 2008.

However, the U.S. has been moving away from chip technology in recent years, as chip makers and technology vendors have moved away from traditional card-based payments.

The U.K. has used chip-only cards since 2009.

However its payment system is still using the magnetic stripe technology.

The U.N. also uses chip-cards in some parts of its systems, including the United States.

In the report, the Financial Post’s Andrew Taylor writes that the U, U.C.I., and other U.s. banks and credit unions have been using the chip technology for years, and that there are at least six companies in the world that make chip-n-chip systems, which are also called NFC.

The Bank of America, HSBC and Visa use chip technology.

Mastercard, which is also a U.A.C., uses chip technology, according to the report.

The Citi Group uses chip cards as well, and has also made chips available to banks in recent times.

The findings of the report come as U.B.C.’s new head of payments and services, Craig Gorman, says that U.U.C.-backed chip technology is gaining traction in the U’s financial services sector.

Gorman, a former head of Visa and U.O.

C, said last month that chip-powered payments are on the way.

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