A fake news startup in India aims to turn news consumers into bots

India’s fake news giant is in the process of launching a digital payment system to boost the number of people who accept payment for their news articles, with the aim of making it easier for readers to accept the payment on their mobile phones.

The company, called BnkToTheFuture, will launch a mobile app that will allow users to “pay for their stories with your phone, tablet or laptop” via SMS or email.

Users will be able to send SMS or a pre-selected email message, or even enter their mobile phone number to pay for the story.

The company, which has raised $40 million from investors, said it is already working with some major newspapers, including The Hindu and Business Standard, on how the platform will work.

BnkTTO aims to make the process seamless for users, who would be able accept payments on their phone, by giving them access to the “bot” platform.

Users would be allowed to enter their phone number into the bot platform to pay with the payment option.

Users could also pay with their mobile devices and send the amount of money to a specific phone number, which would then be credited to the user’s bank account.

“The bot platform will provide users with the option to pay via SMS, or to send money through email.

The SMS payments will be instant and easy,” the company said in a statement.

“We will also provide a mechanism for merchants to accept payment through the bot.

BnkwTTO will also offer merchants the ability to accept payments through email and other payment methods, which will allow merchants to take advantage of this opportunity.”

BnkwToTheForever is not the first digital payment platform to be launched in India, though.

Earlier this year, a group of Indian startup founders, led by former Google executive Eric Schmidt, announced a similar project called Paytm, which aims to help users pay for content they read on their smartphones, via their mobile device.

BtTO hopes to create a similar platform in India.

“This platform will help India’s population to make payments online for their content and articles,” said BnkkToTheTech founder and CEO Kunal Thakur.

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