Cls Payment Systems to Integrate Fusion Payments with the ClsPay System

Cls Payments Systems (CPS) is partnering with Fusion Payments to integrate its Cls payment payment system into Fusion.

This integration, which was first announced in January, will allow customers to seamlessly use Cls payments in the Clos Pay platform, as well as in other Clos products.

“We are thrilled to bring Cls Pay into the ClusPay ecosystem,” said Cls CEO Alex Kipkor.

“Our partnership with Fusion makes it easy for Cls customers to accept Cls as payment.

Cls has proven to be a popular payment option for Clos customers and we look forward to providing our customers with the seamless experience Cls is known for.”

Cls Pay is the leading global payments solution that enables businesses to accept the CliPay, CliCash, ClocommercePay, CVCPay, CLiT Pay, CluCash, and CLoCASH payment systems and their corresponding payment providers.

ClosPay was founded by a team of leading financial technology experts in the United Kingdom and Germany and has offices in London, San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, and Washington DC.

ClisPay is based in London and offers a secure, seamless and cost-effective payment solution for small businesses, financial institutions, government agencies, and other organizations.

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