Fiorentina coach Giuseppe Simeone admits he ‘didn’t have the experience’ to coach Milan

By Football Itlia staff The new coach of Fiorendina has admitted he didn’t have a good coaching record at the club and has been criticised by some supporters for not being prepared for the challenges ahead.

In an interview with La Repubblica, Gianluca Di Marzio said he didn´t have the background of a manager and that the best coach would be someone who has a good football background.

“I didn’t think I could manage Milan, because I didn’t even know how to coach a team.

I didn´ve never played as a goalkeeper, and I never played a role in the midfield. So I didn�t know how I would manage a team,” Di Marzo said.

“And also, I was only 18 years old, so I had only a few years of experience in football.”

He admitted that he didn�ts know how Milan would play.

“They were playing the same way we played and I didn`t know what was happening,” Di Morzo added.

“So I was thinking about the team and not the manager.

I was a bit scared. “

When I came here I was convinced I could do it, but it didn�T happen.

I was a bit scared.

I thought, ‘I have to do something different.’

I tried to improve, but I couldn’t.”

But after his time with Milan, Di Marzi decided to take the reins at Fiorence, which has won the Scudetto twice in three years and reached the Europa League semifinals last season.

“There was nothing special about me at Fiores, it was a good team, but that didn’t matter,” he said.

“So I started working with a very good coach.

I started to understand how he works, but he was still new.

I just started to work and I learned from him.”

Di Marzo has not played a competitive match since November last year, but the new coach has still managed to impress.

“He was a coach who was very good at his position and at the age of 20 I think I was ready to step into the role,” Di Marizo said, adding that he felt the new team had a better chance to reach the title.

“Now, we have the chance to compete with Bayern Munich.

It’s going to be very tough, but if we do well, we will reach the final.

It is a great opportunity for us.”

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