How to set up your payroll and payroll deduction system for 2018

The IRS says it is adding new pay-by-the-hour, payroll-and-deduction-system options for federal employees.

The IRS says employees who use payroll- and payroll-deductible payments will be able to file electronically through Pay-By-The-Hour, or PAY, and the PAY system will work in conjunction with a payroll-based system.

Employees who use PAY to pay for essential health care or prescription drugs, as well as payments for the purchase of items such as groceries, will be required to file by using the PAY application, according to IRS.

Employee will also be required for paychecks, debit cards and other payment systems to use the PAY option, the IRS said in a blog post.

Pay-By the Hour is a pay-in-kind system that allows employees to make payments on the behalf of others.

Pay-In-Kind systems allow employees to send their check to someone else and receive money from them, instead of having to pay the check out to the IRS.

In 2018, about 9 million federal employees and contractors used the PAY systems.

The IRS said the new options allow employees who do not already use payroll or payroll-related PAY to use them instead of paying out cash, as they do now.

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