Meet Eres, a new payment system for e-commerce that’s based on Ethereum

Eres is a new cryptocurrency payment system that’s backed by Ethereum, according to a post on the company’s website.

The company says the payment system is based on a “new protocol that enables faster and easier verification and verification speeds that are significantly faster than the current traditional payment network.”

Eres is the first crypto-payment system to offer a “secure and reliable” payment infrastructure, according Eres CEO Adam White.

The platform has been developed with Ethereum in mind.

The company says it uses the blockchain to ensure the security of the transaction and ensures that the transaction does not have a secondary purpose.

The Eres platform has a payment fee that can be waived for certain use cases, including payments to third parties, according the company.

The Eres payment system uses the Ethereum blockchain, and uses a secure payment network, the company said.

The Ethereum network provides a secure, frictionless, and tamper-proof method for transferring funds across borders and across the Internet, according a post from White.

Eres uses smart contracts, a technology that allows users to “write their own rules for when and how they want to spend their tokens.”

Eris has also partnered with companies like Airbnb, PayPal, and Venmo to offer users the ability to use Eres tokens to pay for services, the post said.

Ere has raised more than $3 million in Series B funding.

White previously said Eres would be built on Ethereum as a platform for decentralized payments and that it would be “completely decentralized and transparent.”

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