The APC payment system is dead, but you still need it to buy apps and movies on the Amazon Appstore

It’s a big, old piece of software that’s been around for years, but it’s been getting old too.

Now, Amazon is offering a new update that will make it even more powerful.

The APA payment system, which Amazon calls the Amazon Payment App, is coming to the Apple Watch as a separate payment option for $2.99 per month, the company said.

It’s similar to how Apple Pay works for iPhones and iPads, except that instead of paying with a credit card, you can pay with a gift card instead.

If you want to use the APA for purchases, it will work on your Apple Watch, as well as any other smartwatch that supports Apple Pay.

The update comes a day after Amazon launched a new version of its Payment App called the APC.

This is a much bigger, and better, version that will also work on all the Apple Watches.

Amazon has been working on improving the way it handles credit cards for years.

It has made changes to the way its credit card apps work to make it easier for people to make payments with Apple Pay or other credit cards.

It will also continue to work with the likes of Mastercard, Visa, and American Express to make payment apps available for other credit card issuers.

Amazon’s updated payment app will be available starting Friday, June 20, the same day Apple’s is going live.

It comes as Apple has announced the release of its new iPhone 7s and the Apple TV 4K.

The new Apple TV and iPhone 7 Plus will both be released on Friday, September 21.

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