Google: Android Pay is Coming to Canada

Google is adding a payment system to its Android smartphone app for users in Canada.

The system will be free to download from the Google Play store.

Android Pay will support credit and debit cards, and the system will support a range of credit cards and debit card numbers.

Users can also add a payment method to their phone, and they can also set up a credit card in their app.

Google said the feature is expected to launch soon in Canada, but didn’t say when.

The feature is a departure from its Google Wallet payment system.

Google Wallet was launched in Canada in January 2016, and it allows users to buy, sell, pay with, and manage their Google Wallet balances using their Android smartphone.

It launched in the United States earlier this year.

It is one of Google’s top-performing apps, earning a 92 out of 100 on App Annie’s “Top Ten” list for Android Pay.

In addition to the Android Pay feature, Google is working on a feature called Google Wallet Lite that will allow users to pay for items and services using their smartphone in Canada through the same payment system Google Wallet offers in the U.S. In a blog post, Google said it is working to expand the app to more countries in the future.

In the meantime, users can buy and sell goods and services on Google’s Marketplace, the company said.

The company has also rolled out Google Wallet in Europe.

Google’s mobile payments feature is similar to its own Android Pay, which offers a similar payment system that works across Android phones.

But Google’s feature is limited to credit and credit card transactions.

In its blog post announcing Android Pay in Canada on Wednesday, Google’s chief financial officer Marc Benioff said the company has been working on Android Pay since late 2014.

The payments system will let users “make payments using your smartphone, pay for your goods and use them in your wallet, all without leaving your device.”

Users can add a credit or debit card to their Android device, and users can also choose to use a card in the Google Wallet app.

For example, they can add $20 to their balance or use a debit card for a $10 purchase, BenioFF wrote.

“We know that you’ll like how easy it is to use Android Pay when you add a card and you can use your credit card or debit cards to pay.”

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