‘Suspicious’ $30M bill has ‘no business’ on Google Card platform

A $30 million bill with a suspiciously large barcode is being flagged as a scam on a platform that helps merchants pay with credit cards.

The barcode, which was found on a Visa card in December, was issued by a US-based company called G4S that was paid with a US debit card.

The cardholder is known only as ‘Bob’ and the company did not immediately respond to questions.

The bill, which shows the cardholder’s name and address, was found in a shopping cart on Amazon’s US website and has since been removed from the site.

“The cardholder did not receive any payment from the company and no charges were made,” said the company in a statement.

The card holder is no longer on the platform.

The G4s company did offer a $10,000 refund to the card holder, but the refund expired after a week, the statement said.

“G4S has been contacted by a customer who contacted us regarding this incident,” it added.

“While the customer has since made a payment on the card, no charges have been made.”

G4s was one of several companies involved in the Visa card scam, which involved people being asked to fill out an online form and give the company a password.

It’s unclear whether the card’s creator, G4SS, was contacted by Amazon, or if G4’s customer service was contacted.

Amazon has declined to comment.

The Amazon Card scam has seen around 400,000 fraudulent transactions since December, with victims often using credit cards with no information about the cards being used.

The company is also known for its controversial “pay it forward” scheme, which has led to the company paying thousands of people a combined $8 million in refunds and legal fees.

G4’s US-issued card was discovered in a shopper’s shopping cart.

Amazon is the latest major retailer to have been targeted by a credit card scam.

Last month, a US retailer was forced to pay $6 million in back taxes and penalties after it admitted to having fraudulently charged consumers hundreds of thousands of dollars for the purchase of items online.

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