How to use the mobile payment system in Australia

Posted October 09, 2019 11:16:49Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city is about to have its own payment system.

Auckland City Council has revealed that its city will soon start offering its residents mobile payment systems.

The City of Auckland is currently one of only five cities in the world that has mobile payment schemes.

City Council said its mobile payment services will start in 2019, and it will offer them for customers who don’t have access to a bank or a credit card.

In a press release on Wednesday, City Council said the payments will allow Aucklanders to pay for groceries, rent, and other basic needs, and to pay bills.

They will also allow users to pay a variety of bills at the same time, including those that are not linked to their bank account.

“It’s about enabling the public to pay their bills,” Mayor Robina Langford said.

Mobile payment systems have become popular across the world, with some countries offering up to 100 payments per minute.

More than 90 countries in Europe and Asia offer mobile payment solutions, while more than 40 US states and territories offer mobile banking services.

But the Auckland City Council plans to roll out its mobile payments in 2020.

Ms Langford says it will be an important addition to the city’s network, and that it will make the city more convenient to use.

“It will make it a lot easier for Aucklanders, it will help us to get more people to use our network,” she said.

“We are working very hard on getting it up and running.”

In the meantime, the city is working to find a solution to the issue of the lack of access to mobile payment networks.

Chief executive officer Peter Whitehead said the City of Newcastle is planning to launch a trial of its own mobile payment scheme, but it will only be available for customers in Newcastle.

Mr Whitehead says the trial will be conducted from the beginning of 2019, to see how well the new system works.

He said the trial would also be conducted to determine the best way to implement the scheme in the long term.

However, Mr Whitehead has not yet confirmed whether the trial is expected to be fully open to Aucklanders.

“I don’t know that we will have a trial up and going until after the summer,” he said.

“The trial will also test the waters.”

Mr Langford also said the city would be looking to partner with mobile banks and payment systems to develop a mobile payment solution.

Auckland’s trial of mobile payments is part of an effort to attract more businesses to the City.

As well as offering mobile payments, the City also plans to open a new “Community Payment Centre”, which is set to open in the next few months.

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