The government is using a payment system that pays online retailers for data about users, data that could be used for discrimination against minorities

It’s the latest chapter in a story that began with a simple question: Are there any businesses that should be paying for data that a government agency has already collected?

As it turns out, the answer is yes.

According to data provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the government collects data on a wide range of things, including a user’s gender, race, sexual orientation, age, occupation, and other demographic characteristics.

This data is used to tailor ads and other online services based on these characteristics.

In order to use the data for advertising, it must be “free and open to all consumers,” which means it must also be free of any restrictions that could make it a targeted advertising tool.

The FTC says it can’t tell you what ads to show, what categories you should be in, or what products or services should be featured.

The data it collects is often used for discriminatory purposes, such as targeting consumers based on their gender, sexual identity, race or sexual orientation.

The FTC says the agency receives data on over 6 million Americans from nearly 10,000 businesses, and it is not the only agency collecting this data.

But the FTC said in a statement that “the collection of data by many agencies is an important tool to prevent discrimination against Americans, especially LGBT Americans.”

As with the rest of the data collection by the FTC, companies can choose to opt out of the program.

In fact, most companies will only provide information to third-party vendors that are able to “identify customers based on characteristics of those who purchase goods and services.”

But as with the FTC data, many companies say they have no choice but to comply with the law.

According the American Civil Liberties Union, “In some cases, companies are using this data for the purposes of targeting customers based solely on their race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion.

For example, in 2016, Amazon and Target, the largest online retailers in the U.S., made it clear that they would not collect or sell customer information for the purpose of targeting people based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

For example, one company,, told the Washington Post it would not use the same customer information that the FTC collects to target customers based off gender identity and sexual orientation and said it would only sell the data to “third-party providers that can accurately identify customers based only on their ethnicity, religion, and gender.”

Other companies, such Google, have said they don’t use any of this data at all.

Google told the Wall Street Journal that it only collects data to target ads based on demographics and geographic locations.

But the FTC says that some of the companies are doing this because they want to.

The U.K.-based company that has been the target of the FTC’s data collection is called Google Analytics.

The company collects data from its users, but it also collects data about which ads are shown.

In 2015, Google was fined $1.5 million by the agency for collecting the data it collected.

The commission later fined Google $1 million for violating the FTC privacy rules and its terms of service.

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